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Carex aquatilis Wahlenb.

Water Sedge




Group: Spermatophytina (Spermatophytes)
Family: Cyperaceae (Sedge family)
Genus: Carex (Sedge)


Carex aquatilis
Carex aquatilis subsp. stans
Carex stans

Related species

Carex microglochin Wahlenb. - Bristle Sedge
Carex pauciflora Lightf. - Few-Flowered Sedge
Carex pulicaris L. - Flea Sedge
Carex obtusata Lilj. - Obtuse Sedge
Carex rupestris All. - Rock Sedge
Carex capitata L. - Capitate Sedge
Carex davalliana Sm. - Davall's Sedge
Carex dioica L. - Dioecious Sedge
Carex baldensis L. - Monte Baldo Sedge
Carex curvula All. - Curly Sedge
Carex arenaria L. - Sand Sedge
Carex colchica J. Gay - French Sedge
Carex muricata L. - Large-Fruited Prickly-Sedge
Carex spicata Huds. - Spiked Sedge
Carex divulsa Stokes - Grey Sedge
Carex vulpina L. - True Fox-Sedge
Carex cuprina (Heuff.) A. Kern. - False Fox-Sedge
Carex brizoides L. - Quaking-Grass Sedge
Carex praecox Schreb. - Spring Sedge
Carex disticha Huds. - Brown Sedge
Carex chordorrhiza L. f. - String Sedge
Carex diandra Schrank - Lesser Tussock-Sedge
Carex appropinquata Schumach. - Fibrous Tussock-Sedge
Carex paniculata L. - Greater Tussock-Sedge
Carex bohemica Schreb. - Bohemian Sedge
Carex leporina L. - Oval Sedge
Carex heleonastes L. f. - Hudson Bay Sedge
Carex brunnescens (Pers.) Poir. - Brownish Sedge
Carex canescens L. - White Sedge
Carex elongata L. - Elongated Sedge
Carex echinata Murray - Star Sedge
Carex remota L. - Remote Sedge
Carex loliacea L. - Darnel Sedge
Carex digitata L. - Fingered Sedge
Carex ornithopoda Willd. - Bird's-Foot Sedge
Carex humilis Leyss. - Dwarf Sedge
Carex halleriana Asso - Haller's Sedge
Carex alba Scop. - Small White Sedge
Carex magellanica Lam. - Tall Bog-Sedge
Carex limosa L. - Bog-Sedge
Carex pilulifera L. - Pill Sedge
Carex montana L. - Soft-Leaved Sedge
Carex fritschii Waisb.
Carex ericetorum Pollich - Rare Spring-Sedge
Carex supina Wahlenb. - Weak Arctic Sedge
Carex caryophyllea Latourr. - Spring-Sedge
Carex umbrosa Host - Shady Sedge
Carex pallescens L. - Pale Sedge
Carex filiformis L. - Downy-Fruited Sedge
Carex panicea L. - Carnation Sedge
Carex vaginata Tausch - Sheathed Sedge
Carex flacca Schreb. - Glaucous Sedge
Carex pendula Huds. - Pendulous Sedge
Carex atrata L. - Black Alpine-Sedge
Carex parviflora Host - Small-Flowered Sedge
Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb. - Club Sedge
Carex hartmanii Cajander - Hartman's Sedge
Carex norvegica Retz. - Close-Headed Alpine-Sedge
Carex bigelowii Schwein. - Stiff Sedge
Carex trinervis Degl. - Three-Nerved Sedge
Carex randalpina B. Walln. - Inn Sedge
Carex acuta L. - Slender Tufted-Sedge
Carex nigra (L.) Reichard - Common Sedge
Carex aquatilis Wahlenb. - Water Sedge
Carex cespitosa L. - Lesser Tufted-Sedge
Carex elata All. - Tufted-Sedge
Carex buekii Wimm. - Banat Sedge
Carex ferruginea Scop. - Rusty Sedge
Carex sempervirens Vill. - Alpine Tufted Sedge
Carex firma Host - Cushion Sedge
Carex fuliginosa Schkuhr - Red-Brown Sedge
Carex frigida All. - Ice Sedge
Carex brachystachys Schrank - Short-Spiked Sedge
Carex mucronata All. - Peaked Sedge
Carex capillaris L. - Hair Sedge
Carex strigosa Huds. - Thin-Spiked Wood-Sedge
Carex sylvatica Huds. - Wood-Sedge
Carex laevigata Sm. - Smooth-Stalked Sedge
Carex pilosa Scop. - Hairy Sedge
Carex depauperata With. - Starved Wood-Sedge
Carex michelii Host - Michel's Sedge
Carex punctata Gaudin - Dotted Sedge
Carex hostiana DC. - Tawny Sedge
Carex distans L. - Distant Sedge
Carex binervis Sm. - Green-Ribbed Sedge
Carex extensa Gooden. - Long-Bracted Sedge
Carex flava L. - Large Yellow-Sedge
Carex lepidocarpa Tausch - Long-Stalked Yellow-Sedge
Carex viridula Michx. - Long-Stalked Yellow-Sedge
Carex demissa Hornem. - Common Yellow-Sedge
Carex hordeistichos Vill. - Barley Sedge
Carex secalina Wahlenb. - Rye Sedge
Carex acutiformis Ehrh. - Lesser Pond-Sedge
Carex melanostachya Willd. - Nodding Pond Sedge
Carex riparia Curtis - Greater Pond-Sedge
Carex rostrata Stokes - Bottle Sedge
Carex vesicaria L. - Bladder-Sedge
Carex pseudocyperus L. - Cyperus Sedge
Carex lasiocarpa Ehrh. - Slender Sedge
Carex hirta L. - Hairy Sedge
Carex atherodes Spreng. - Wheat Sedge


    <ba>60&#8211;150&#8239;cm tall</ba>. <span class="v1">inflorescence:</span> several spikes in a spike-like to racemose whole-inflorescence, <b>spikes unisexual (inflorescence with spikes of different habit)</b>. <span class="v1">&#9792;&#8209;spikelets:</span> <ba><b...

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Distribution in Europe

Carex aquatilis


The colours represent the floristic status of the species in the respective region. Green indicates native occurrences, light green naturalized occurrences. Adventive occurrences are represented by light yellow shades and plants that are cultivated (but rarely occur in the wild) are dark yellow. Grey colours are used, if the floristic status of species is unknown or uncertain.

Distribution in Germany

Carex aquatilis


Natural, established occurences
Artificial occurences

The color intensity reflects the species' abundance

Data: Floristische Kartierung Deutschlands (Stand 2013), Bundesamt für Naturschutz (


Carex aquatilis

Carex aquatilis


  • native


  • riparian vegetation, mudflat vegetation, reedbeds, forests, shrubbery, bogs, sedge-lands

  • in alkaline, moist to wet, periodically flooded habitats

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