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Ranunculus lanuginosus L.

Woolly Buttercup




Group: Spermatophytina (Spermatophytes)
Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family)
Genus: Ranunculus (Buttercup)


Ranunculus lanuginosus
Ranunculus umbrosus

Related species

Ranunculus hederaceus L. - Ivy-Leaved Crowfoot
Ranunculus ololeucos J. Lloyd - White-Flowered Buttercup
Ranunculus tripartitus DC. - Three-Lobed Crowfoot
Ranunculus aquatilis L. - Common Water-Crowfoot
Ranunculus peltatus Schrank - Pond Water-Crowfoot
Ranunculus penicillatus (Dumort.) Bab. - Stream Water-Crowfoot
Ranunculus rionii Lagger - Rion's Water Crowfoot
Ranunculus trichophyllus Chaix - Thread-Leaved Water-Crowfoot
Ranunculus circinatus Sibth. - Fan-Leaved Water-Crowfoot
Ranunculus fluitans Lam. - River Water-Crowfoot
Ranunculus alpestris L. - Alpine Buttercup
Ranunculus glacialis L. - Glacier Buttercup
Ranunculus parnassiifolius L. - Parnassia-Leaved Buttercup
Ranunculus platanifolius L. - Large White Buttercup
Ranunculus aconitifolius L. - Aconite-Leaved Buttercup
Ranunculus sceleratus L. - Celery-Leaved Buttercup
Ranunculus cassubicifolius W. Koch
Ranunculus hybridus Biria - Hybrid Buttercup
Ranunculus lanuginosus L. - Woolly Buttercup
Ranunculus carinthiacus Hoppe - Carinthian Buttercup
Ranunculus montanus Willd. - Mountain Buttercup
Ranunculus villarsii DC. - Grenier's Buttercup
Ranunculus breyninus Crantz - High Mountain Buttercup
Ranunculus polyanthemos L. - Wood Buttercup
Ranunculus repens L. - Creeping Buttercup
Ranunculus bulbosus L. - Bulbous Buttercup
Ranunculus sardous Crantz - Hairy Buttercup
Ranunculus arvensis L. - Corn Buttercup
Ranunculus flammula L. - Lesser Spearwort
Ranunculus reptans L. - Creeping Spearwort
Ranunculus lingua L. - Greater Spearwort
Ranunculus illyricus L. - Woolly Buttercup
Ranunculus acris agg.
Ranunculus acris L. - Meadow Buttercup
Ranunculus auricomus coll. - Goldilocks Buttercup


    Slightly toxic, 30–80 cm tall. flowers: Ø 10–40 mm, yellowish. pedicels: cross-section round, not furrowed. floral-axis: glabrous. corolla: 5‑leaved. nectar-glands: covered with a scale. fruits: glabrous. stem: with protruding hairs. petioles: with protruding hairs. ...

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Distribution in Europe

Ranunculus lanuginosus


The colours represent the floristic status of the species in the respective region. Green indicates native occurrences, light green naturalized occurrences. Adventive occurrences are represented by light yellow shades and plants that are cultivated (but rarely occur in the wild) are dark yellow. Grey colours are used, if the floristic status of species is unknown or uncertain.

Distribution in Germany

Ranunculus lanuginosus


Natural, established occurences
Artificial occurences

The color intensity reflects the species' abundance

Data: Floristische Kartierung Deutschlands (Stand 2013), Bundesamt für Naturschutz (


Ranunculus lanuginosus

Ranunculus lanuginosus


  • native


  • forests, shrubbery

  • in alkaline habitats

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