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Rosa agrestis Savi

Small-Leaved Sweet-Briar




Group: Spermatophytina (Spermatophytes)
Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)
Genus: Rosa (Rose)


Rosa agrestis
Chabertia sepium
Rosa abscondita
Rosa agrestis subsp. pubescens
Rosa albiflora
Rosa arvatica
Rosa beylei
Rosa bohemica
Rosa borhekiana
Rosa chionistrae
Rosa densiflora
Rosa denudata
Rosa druentica
Rosa elatior
Rosa floribunda
Rosa gizellae
Rosa graveolens subsp. eriophora
Rosa graveolens subsp. nuda
Rosa haringiana
Rosa koslowskii
Rosa kostrakiewiczii
Rosa mentita
Rosa micranthoides
Rosa obversa
Rosa pseudosepium
Rosa pubescens
Rosa pubescens subsp. kostrakiewiczii
Rosa rubiginosa subsp. agrestis
Rosa rubiginosa subsp. sepium
Rosa schlosseri
Rosa schulzei
Rosa semisepium
Rosa sepioides
Rosa sepium subsp. agrestis
Rosa sepium subsp. mentita
Rosa spathulifolia
Rosa vinodora
Rosa virgultorum
Rosa viscaria subsp. agrestis
Rosa vistulana

Trivial names

Schwarzer Streifenfarn

Related species

Rosa majalis Herrm. - Cinnamon Rose
Rosa pendulina L. - Alpine Rose
Rosa spinosissima L. - Burnet Rose
Rosa rugosa Thunb. - Japanese Rose
Rosa gallica L. - Red Rose Of Lancaster
Rosa arvensis Huds. - Field-Rose
Rosa canina L. - Dog-Rose
Rosa corymbifera Borkh. - Round-Leaved Dog-Rose
Rosa balsamica Besser - Dog Rose
Rosa abietina Christ - Fir Rose
Rosa dumalis Bechst. - Glaucous Dog Rose
Rosa subcanina (Christ) Vuk. - False Dog Rose
Rosa caesia Sm. - Hairy Dog-Rose
Rosa subcollina (Christ) Vuk. - False Hedge Rose
Rosa glauca Pourr. - Red-Leaved Rose
Rosa rubiginosa L. - Sweet-Briar
Rosa micrantha Sm. - Small-Flowered Sweet-Briar
Rosa inodora Fr. - Scentless Rose
Rosa villosa L. - Apple Rose
Rosa mollis Sm. - Soft Downy-Rose
Rosa sherardii Davies - Sherard's Downy-Rose
Rosa tomentosa Sm. - Harsh Downy-Rose
Rosa pseudoscabriuscula (R. Keller) Henker & G. Schulze - Downy Rose
Rosa agrestis Savi - Small-Leaved Sweet-Briar
Rosa marginata Wallr. - Rough-Leaved Rose
Rosa stylosa Desv. - Short-Styled Field-Rose


    100&#8211;200&#8239;cm tall. <span class="v1">flowers:</span> smelling fruity, reddish to whitish. <span class="v1">stylus orifice:</span> <ba><b>narrow</b></ba>, <ba>Ø maximal 1&#8239;mm</ba>. <span class="v1">petals:</span> 5&#8211;30&#8239;mm long. <span class="v1...

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Distribution in Europe

Rosa agrestis


The colours represent the floristic status of the species in the respective region. Green indicates native occurrences, light green naturalized occurrences. Adventive occurrences are represented by light yellow shades and plants that are cultivated (but rarely occur in the wild) are dark yellow. Grey colours are used, if the floristic status of species is unknown or uncertain.

Distribution in Germany

Rosa agrestis


Natural, established occurences
Artificial occurences

The color intensity reflects the species' abundance

Data: Floristische Kartierung Deutschlands (Stand 2013), Bundesamt für Naturschutz (


Rosa agrestis

Rosa agrestis


  • native


  • perennial herbaceous vegetation, forests, shrubbery, ruderal vegetation

  • in alkaline, dry habitats

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