The Smartphone Apps

Our main aim during the development of the app, was to allow a reliable and easy determination of European plant species. Hence, we consequently utilized the technical opportunities of smartphones so that plants species can be identified with little botanical expert knowledge.

With the innovative identification concept information of only few characters are often sufficient to identify a plant species. The identification with iFlora is quick and simple: iFlora even makes specific recommendations on the best identification characters. For example, only three simple characters may suffice to identify Yew (Taxus baccata).

In the apps, also comprehensive information on the plant species is available: scientific drawings based on historical floras, distribution maps, and information on species characteristics, systematics, and ecology.

Interested? - Just test the iFlora-App! You may install a free trial version, in which you can put the app to the acid test on the example of approximately 100 plant species. Within the map you later activate the modules you are interested in.

In the English-language Version modules for e. g. trees, woody plants, alpine plants or the floras of many Northwest and Central European countries can be activated.

iFlora - Trees
iFlora - Woody plants
iFlora - Alpine plants
iFlora of Austria
iFlora - Flora of Belarus
iFlora of Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg
iFlora of Czechia
iFlora of Denmark
iFlora - Flora of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
iFlora - Flora of Finland
iFlora of Germany
iFlora - Flora of Great Britain
iFlora of Hungary
iFlora of Iceland
iFlora of Ireland
iFlora of Norway
iFlora of Poland
iFlora - Flora of Slovakia
iFlora of Slovenia
iFlora of Sweden
iFlora - Flora of Switzerland

In the German language version modules for alpine plants, trees and the whole Flora of Germany are available.