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The iFlora-Europe Smartphone-App allows identifying more than 3000 European plant species. In the following we present a short overlook of the app and its content. If you are interested, you may install a free trial version in which you can put the app to the acid test on the example of approximately 100 plant species.

For each species more than more 200 identification characters are available. In the app, identification characters can be selected from an intuitive user interface. The identification characters can be selected by tipping on clear icons in an arbitrary sequence until the plant is identified.

After getting used to the iFlora-app, plant identification is quick, simple and interactive: iFlora makes specific recommendations to ensure that the identification is conducted in as few steps as possible and yet reliable (cf. more on interactive plant identification).

In iFlora, information on only three characters may suffice to identify Yew (Taxus baccata) - with a conventional identification key you'll have to answer up to 13 partly complicated and comprehensive questions (more on this example).

iFlora also provides comprehensive further information on the plant species: For most of the species, you have direct access on scientific drawings of the species in which differential characters are marked. Furthermore, thoroughly compiled texts with identifications characters of the species are included in the app. In custom made distribution maps, the occurrences of the species in Europe are shown. By means of these maps you can quickly approve, whether the identification is plausible, that is whether the species generally occurs in the region.