A sporophyll is a leaf at which spores develop in sporangia. Microsporophylls and megasporophylls may be distinguished if different spore types are developed. In the Ferns s. str., the sporophylls mostly resemble the typical fronds, only that on the lower leaf surface sporangia are developed. It may also be referred to as sporo-trophophylls. In the Horsetails, the sporophylls are table-shaped and located at the apex of the stems. They differ considerably from the (reduced) trophophylls. In the Clubmosses, mostly terminal strobili (which are homologous to flowers) can be found. The stamen of the Spermatophytes is homologous to a microsporophyll and the carpel to a megasporophyll (cf. also trophophyll, sporo-trophophyll).