iFlora - Information on European plants species

On this web site you'll find comprehensive information on European plant species, with a focus on species occurring in Northwest - and Central-Europe. For more than 3000 species, we have compiled fact sheets with

  • Illustrations based on drawings from historical floras and photos show relevant identification characters like habitus, stem and bark, buds, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds.
  • The distribution within Europe and Germany is shown in custom-made maps that are based on comprehensive data from the Euro+Med database or national authorities. The maps also include information on the status of species,  i. e. whether they are native or introduced in the region
  • Further information includes taxonomy and systematics, phenology (flowering- and fruiting season), typical habitats and site conditions and the altitudinal levels, in which the species occur.

All information (and some more) you'll find in the iFlora Plant Guides and the iFlora-Apps.

iFlora-Apps in the the Google Play Store

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