Muscari neglectum Guss. ex Ten.





Group: Spermatophytina (Spermatophytes)
Family: Asparagaceae (Asparagus family)
Genus: Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)


Muscari neglectum
Botryanthus atlanticus
Botryanthus breviscapus
Botryanthus granatensis
Botryanthus lelievrii var. strangwaysii
Botryanthus mandraliscae
Botryanthus mordoanus
Botryanthus neglectus
Botryanthus neglectus var. speciosa
Botryanthus odorus
Botryanthus racemosus
Botryanthus saulii
Botryanthus speciosus
Botryanthus strangwaysii
Botryanthus vulgaris var. strangwaysii
Etheiranthus jacquinii
Eubotrys odorata
Hyacinthus juncifolius
Hyacinthus neglectus
Hyacinthus racemosus
Leopoldia neumayeri
Muscari atlanticum
Muscari atlanticum subsp. alpinum
Muscari atlanticum var. valentinum
Muscari bootanensis
Muscari botryoides var. bucharicum
Muscari breviscapum
Muscari bucharicum
Muscari compactum
Muscari dolioliforme
Muscari elwesii
Muscari flaccidum
Muscari fontqueri
Muscari granatense
Muscari grandifolium
Muscari grandifolium var. populeum
Muscari grandifolium var. rifanum
Muscari grossheimii
Muscari letourneuxii
Muscari leucostomum
Muscari macranthum
Muscari mordoanum
Muscari neglectum subsp. atlanticum
Muscari neglectum subsp. odorum
Muscari neglectum subsp. speciosum
Muscari neglectum var. atlanticum
Muscari neglectum var. fontqueri
Muscari neglectum var. valentinum
Muscari neumayeri
Muscari nivale
Muscari odoratum
Muscari populeum
Muscari racemosum
Muscari racemosum var. alpinum
Muscari racemosum var. neglectum
Muscari skorpili
Muscari speciosum
Muscari strangwaysii
Muscari szovitsianum
Muscari vandasii
Scilla suaveolens

Related species

Muscari neglectum Guss. ex Ten. - Grape-Hyacinth
Muscari botryoides (L.) Mill. - Compact Grape-Hyacinth


    10&#8211;40&#8239;cm tall. <span class="v1">inflorescence:</span> <b>a short, compact raceme</b>, <b>2&#8211;8&#8239;cm long</b>, <b>densely flowered</b>. <span class="v1">flowers:</span> bell- or funnel-shaped to long-tubular, <b>all fertile</b>, fragrant, <ba><b>bl...

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Distribution in Europe

Muscari neglectum


The colours represent the floristic status of the species in the respective region. Green indicates native occurrences, light green naturalized occurrences. Adventive occurrences are represented by light yellow shades and plants that are cultivated (but rarely occur in the wild) are dark yellow. Grey colours are used, if the floristic status of species is unknown or uncertain.

Distribution in Germany

Muscari neglectum


Natural, established occurences
Artificial occurences

The color intensity reflects the species' abundance

Data: Floristische Kartierung Deutschlands (Stand 2013), Bundesamt für Naturschutz (www.floraweb.de)


Muscari neglectum

Muscari neglectum


  • archaeophyte


  • forests, shrubbery, extensively used or natural grassland, dwarf shrub heaths, ruderal vegetation, parks, gardens

  • in alkaline, dry habitats

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